Custom Roll Labels

Print Source Graphics produces a wide variety of roll labels. Vitually any size, shape or material can be used to meet your needs. Contact us today for a quote on your roll label project. 

Print Source Graphics offers label solutions for almost every need! Our digital and flexographic label solutions allow us to provide you the Highest Quality printed labels for the most affordable price. Some of the materials to choose from include Matte Paper, SimiGloss Paper, Latex, Bright Silver Metalic, Clear BOPP and White BOPP. Some of the special features we can offer include Weather Proof Labels, Consecutive Numbered and Bar-Coded Labels, Test Tube Labels and FDA Approved Labels. We also offer permanent adhesive, tamper evident adhesive, tire adhesive, removable and repositionable adhesives.  

Label Types

Single Ply Labels – Single Ply Labels are manufactured with a face stock on top of a liner with an adhesive in between and can be adhered direct to a surface. The labels can be provided on rolls or sheets in virtually any shape or size. Single Ply Labels serve a number of purposes including Primary Packaging Labels, Product Labels, Warning Labels and much more! 

Piggyback Labels – These labels are manufactured with multiple layers so that one label is on top of another. The top label can be removed and applied to a secondary surface while the label below remains with the original surface it was applied to. These labels are often seen on laboratory and chain of custody forms but can serve a variety of other functions. Piggyback labels can be constructed to adhere to paper, cardboard, plastic and metal surfaces. The mid ply can feature a self imaging face stocks so that hand written or impact printed information is copied to that ply.  Some other great uses for this type of label construction include business reply devices, product registration cards and direct mail returns. 

Peal & Reveal Labels – Peal & Reveal Labels are often see on packed products and allow for additional content to be viewed when they are pealed apart. When the label is affixed to the surface of the product you see the face of the label. Then you can peal the label back to reveal additional printing on the back of the label as well as the base ply that is affixed to the package or product. The face and base of the label are held together with a dry release adhesive so that when it is pealed apart it is not sticky! 


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